Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Recent Reads!!

Apparently I fell into a bit of a blogging hiatus this month, most likely the result of a seemingly endless amount of University work, essay deadlines and a lot of  procrastination which really did nothing to help the situation!

Despite university work and deadlines, I managed to read a couple of books over the last two months!

Books Read:
Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas - 5/5 
I read most of this on the train and I found myself looking forward to train journeys with an unusual amount of enthusiasm (enthusiasm for this book) Heir of Fire did not disappoint. Maas expands Celeana's story further into the depths of Wendlyn, introduces a cast of interesting new characters - Manon the leader of the Iron Teeth witch clan in particular, and once again shows another side of Celaena - this time focusing on her Fae heritage. The character development is stepped up from Crown of Midnight and things get even more intense for all the characters!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 5/5
I reread this for University and although I still love this book, my opinion has changed quite a bit, probably because I was reading quite analytically and because this is my second time reading it, I probably have a better understanding of the book overall. I loved Jane as the protagonist - she is small and plain and does not need to be bold and heroic to be seen as strong. (ultimate strong female character) My opinion changed a bit on Rochester though. The first time I read Jane Eyre, I apparently, did not seem to notice all the creepy and deceptive things Rochester does, but this time they became very apparent and very creepy. I can understand why he behaves this way, but I just found him so creepy this time!

Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan - 4/5
Books about books and bookshops are my idea of a perfect autumn read. This book has convinced me that the only career path I shall take, is one which involves a secret book cult. A SECRET BOOK CULT, do I need to say more? This was quite a short read in comparison to the other books I've been reading, however, it was fast paced and there was an abundance of bookish enthusiasm. Sloan also managed to marry the old (books) with the new (internet) and as an enthusiast of both the internet and of books, I found this really engaging and fun!

Ho, ho ho, it's December and I'm currently reading Adam Bede by George Eliot, I've acquired quite a few new books these past few months and I'm looking forwards to reading lots over Christmas and to catching up with my goodreads challenge!