Monday, 3 August 2015

A post in which I disguise my required reading as an August TBR

August is going to be a very ambitious reading month for me. I plan on reading almost all the books I need to read for University, of which there are plenty, and they are plenty long.

I'm plan to read Bleak House, Little Dorrit and The Pickwick Papers, all by Charles Dickens. These books are all around 700 (or more) pages long but I've accepted the challenge to read them all this month! (required reading so I don't have a choice) This might be a little very ambitious but I believe in myself! The power of positive thinking will get me through! It will.

I also want to reread two novels by Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary: A Fiction, and her unfinished novel, Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman. Wollstonecraft is the mother of Mary Shelley and a radical 18th century feminist often cited as the mother of feminism! I first read these novels two years ago and I'm super excited to revisit them!

I may attempt to read for fun this month, but chances are my entire August/September reading is going to be devoted to required reading. I am quite excited to read these books but the fact that I have to read them by a certain date is a bit stressful (especially as they are so long) sort of takes away from the enjoyment of reading. I'm currently reading Great Expectations and will hopefully finish it within the next couple of days!

What books do you plan on reading this August!? Let me read vicariously though your reading choices!