Sunday, 6 March 2016

10/52 thoughts // snippet thoughts

your success will not look like anyone else's hand drawn image

Sometimes thoughts come to me whole and with a clear progression. Other times they strike me in snippets. What I present before you today are the scatterings and snippets of thoughts from the past week.

On my endless love for collared shirts

I love the sleeveless ones because you can wear them under anything and they're so comfy!!
Extra layer = extra warm in winter.
That band t-shirt looks cute but add in a collar and boom, SUPER CUTE. 
They keep your neck all nice and cozy and warm. 
Makes you look super cute. They just do.
You can put pins on them or a necklace underneath and it looks ace.
10/10 would recommend to add a sprinkle of cute to your outfit 

On Privilege

Straight // White // Male privilege exits and I don't like it. I could go on for hours about these things but I don't feel like making myself angry right now so I'll just acknowledge my dislike and disgust at injustices, discrimination, and exploitation in the world. (kill it with fire and don't speak over minorities, especially if you are not affected by discrimination)

"Your success will not look like anyone else’s"

THIS IS THE QUOTE I'VE NEEDED TO HEAR MY ENTIRE LIFE. I came across it here and I can't stop thinking about it.

There is so much pressure to be a certain type of 'successful' but everyone's idea of success is different, so why do I feel so much pressure to succeed the way other people think I should? I'm guilty of getting caught up on how I experience nearly everything in life differently to everyone else. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, I'm unconventional. BUT IT'S OKAY to not experience or do the same things everyone else seems to be doing. There really is no singular definition of success because it's such a personal thing, no one's idea of success is exactly the same as yours. My idea of success at the moment is making little victories, doing new things every day, and working on things that future Rosario will thank me for. And that's cool enough for me right now. 

Writing quotes on paper is so much more satisfying than typing them

You are giving them real tangible life. They are freed from the cyber realm and become material. I can't believe it's taken me this long to realise just how satisfying  hand writing a good quote is. Unsurprisingly I've totally been filling up all my notebooks with posi quotes and cute little notes to self. I literally carry it everywhere so I can sprinkle some positivity on days when I'm feeling like a slug.

Feel free to share some random thoughts you've had recently! I love hearing snippets of other people's thoughts!


  1. I LOVE this quote, writing down quotes is always the nicest. I write with brush and ink on my journal and it feels like a therapy. I've been thinking about traveling lately and how free do I feel when I'm out on a journey. The moments are of pure bliss when I can see the sky and beat the wanderlust bug.

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. ah your quotes always look amazing! I'm super into the rough permanent marker look atm. I've never tried inks before but I did uncover my Mum's old ink collection a while ago, so I guess I'm gonna have to use them!
      Travelling always makes me feel free as well, it's like it gives you a new perspective on life! I'm wishing lots of happy travels for you!


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