Friday, 3 June 2016

14/52 // on outsiders

Outsiders, rebels, loners, ugly ducklings, weirdos… There are so many conceptions of the outsider and I love them all. Maybe it's because I feel an affinity with them, or because we’re taught to see see some outsiders as ‘cool’ and romanticised, but I love them regardless.

I guess I've always been a bit of an outsider and that's okay. Growing up, I’d snap at and resent anyone who dared call me an outsider, but I was and still am. I’ve done the subculture stuff (think emo/scene), the ultimate visual of being an outsider, but it never quite worked out and I was somewhat of an outsider to the outsiders. For the longest time, I felt ashamed, like a loser for not having found a place to fit, and to be honest, I’d be lying if I said I’ve completely relinquished my outsider status, but I don’t feel as much shame in being an outsider - hence this post. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to being an outsider. They have that unique point of view, they can see things from a different angle and that's pretty interesting. You can be more independent, you can observe from the side lines, and you have a lot more freedom from the influence of judgement and the confines of ‘fitting in.’ There is less pressure to conform, because we're already on the outside, what do we have to lose? But, whilst there is space for greater freedom, there’s also a yearning to fit somewhere. 


marina and the diamonds

Inside the Outsider

This is where I'm bringing in Mariana and the Diamonds, and Halsey. Marina encapsulates an outsider persona in her album ‘The Family Jewels.’ It was particularly her lyric, ‘inside the outsider’ that inspired me to write this post (also it’s a fun play on words) Marina’s outsider is filled with the uncertainty and questioning over her status as outsider, stating, ‘Is there more to lose than gain, If I go on my own again.' The ultimate question is whether attempting to fit in is worth it? If she goes on her own, she can be herself, but is she missing out on something? Being an outsider is confusing business, do you compromise yourself to fit in? and even if you manage to fit in, you can still harbour those outsider feelings. Maybe the performance of fitting in is not worth the hassle. Either way, this song encapsulates some of the confusion and loneliness that comes with being an outsider. This album is so unconventional, definitely give it a listen if you're feeling like a bit of an outsider!

We don't feel like outsiders at all

Halsey however shows the freedom of the outside, ‘we don’t feel like outsiders at all’ implying that they are outsiders, but they’re comfortable and confident in themselves, they don’t need to conform. New Americana is one of my fav Halsey songs and the behind the scenes video makes me love it even more. Halsey explains the New Americana, are the new generation, not afraid of counter culture and social justice – educating other people and sharing their experiences of life. They are not the ‘typical characters,’ which is why I love Halsey so much, she speaks so openly about representation. She’s including and bringing the outsiders into view with such confidence and force and I love it. She even highlights that whatever seconds the actors get on screen in her video is so important for representation. Halsey's outsiders are empowered and confident, refusing to be held down by their outsider status, instead it unites them and challenges the norms of society. 

This is essentially an appreciation post for Marina and the Diamonds and Halsey. I think it's super important and influential for outsider voices to be heard and represented. Being the outsider can be freeing and empowering, but also kind of lonely and confusing. Performing in ways society doesn't expect you to, is tough at times, but with songs like these, it’s not all that bad. Thanks to these magnificent artists for helping this lil' outsider feel less alone.

Have you guys ever felt like outsiders? I think everyone can be outsiders in different ways. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Lovely post. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  2. I love those docs c: Especially the roses on them

    1. Ooh yes, that photo is just perfect in all ways possible! <3

  3. I have always felt like an outsider, and unfortunately not one of the cool, lone-wolf kind of outsiders. I was bullied pretty badly at school for being weird and bookish, and I did all the subculture stuff too to try and give off the impression that I was an outsider on purpose, but I guess it didn't really work. Now though I kind of like being a bit outside the norm - I don't like going out drinking and partying like most people my own age so I don't do it, and I don't really feel like i'm missing out on anything. I'm just doing my own thing!
    I really love that there's artists out there though like Marina and the Diamonds that are giving that outsider perspective and that are in a way saying it's ok to go your own way.
    Anyway, I'll stop rambling now! Great post :)

    1. Outsider solidarity! And yeah, I think as we get older we become more okay and confident with doing things our own ways and deviating from the norm a bit more. School is one of those places that makes being a bit different a difficult thing, I totally get what you mean. Thanks for reading, and feel free to ramble anytime, I'm always fine with it!


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