Monday, 1 August 2016

21/52 // an ode to smoothies

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smoothie in a jar
I'm a pretty big smoothie maker, smoothie drinker, smoothie concocter. I'm just an all-round smoothie fangirl. They’re great and I figured, hey, why not memorialise my love for smoothies. Hence this ode to smoothies, except it’s not really an ode, it’s more like an appreciation post.

An Ode to smoothies

They’re both nutritious and simple to make. 

All you really need is fruit, a blender and some liquid (almond milk, fruit juice, water) Add them all together, blend, and you’ve made yourself a smoothie. Simple, easy, and they taste amazing. And they are so nutritious! All those natural vitamins are good for your body and soul.

Hands free food

I mean are you eating a smoothie or are you drinking it? My favourite thing about having a smoothie, especially a smoothie breakfast, is that you have a free hand. Hold your smoothie in one hand, sip, and use your other hand for whatever you want (or not.) I often like to read a book and have breakfast at the same time. I know from experience that eating something like toast and trying to turn the pages of a book just doesn’t work out too great. But drinking a smoothie and reading? That works out great.

Caters to that sweet tooth

I have a huge sweet tooth, but also try to avoid too much refined sugar. Smoothies are so sweet but pure and natural, like nature’s gift to those of us with a sweet tooth. Smoothies make a great healthier alternative to other breakfast foods packed with refined sugars – I’m looking at you breakfast cereals (seriously it is so hard to find sugar free breakfast cereals and when you do, they are more expensive! what kind of nonsense is that!?)

Endless combinations
You can pretty much put any fruit and even vegetables into a smoothie. One of my personal favourites is almond milk with banana, raspberry, and blueberries. Banana, mango, and pineapple, is another concoction I’ve been enjoying recently. It tastes so tropical and refreshing!

They're super filling

I've made smoothies that are so so filling that they are sometimes a struggle to finish! Most smoothies keep me full until my next meal, but sometimes I add in oats for extra thickness and to keep myself full for longer! Smoothie bowls are also a pretty cool food thing. They seem to be super popular with vegans, and there are so many delectable combinations, especially on Pinterest!

I just love smoothies you guys. 

peace out xoxo what are your favourite smoothie combinations?! let me know!

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