Monday, 4 July 2016

18/52 // Disappearing, referendums, and pins

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For the past ten days, I’ve sort of disappeared. I’m not sure where I’ve gone but I’m pretty sure the EU referendum result knocked all the hope out of me. After the disastrous result, in which 52% of voters, voted for Britain to leave the European Union, I’ve just been going through phases of anger, disappointment, fear, and uncertainty about the future. Not only about the future, but in the here and now. The leave campaign was saturated with xenophobia and racism, and the victory for leave has just seemed to validate racism in the UK. Reported hate crimes have increased fivefold in a week, which is just absolutely terrifying. Especially considering that I live in a very white area, which, judging from the racism I’ve experienced over the years, is quite rife with racist sentiment. I feel uncomfortable and unsafe in my own country.

I’m angry that this is happening, that politicians have allowed racist rhetoric to become normalised, that they have exploited racism and xenophobic rhetoric for their own gain, with complete disregard for the consequences and making life harder and more dangerous for ethnic minorities and anyone who doesn’t fit the bill of ‘white English.’ I'm angry, upset, and scared. 

On top of this, the weather has been awful recently, which no doubt encouraged my hibernation and general dropping off the face of the earth. I’ve only emerged from hibernation to watch some youtube videos, binge watch Ugly Betty (one of the best tv programs EVER), or upload photos to Instagram (check it out!)

And today, this alternately sunny and cloudy Sunday. So far, all I’ve done so far is watch some Ugly Betty, write this blog post and browse Etsy for pins and patches. I’ve been a fan of badges for years so I’m super happy about the boom in popularity! There’s so much choice now and you can find them just about everywhere! It’s even inspired me to (finally) try my hand at embroidery. I guess this is a sprinkle of positivity to counteract all the prior negativity. I think it’s important to discuss important issues, even if they are imbued in negativity, because ignoring them just allows it continue unquestioned.

Peace out xoxo

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