Friday, 23 December 2016

favourite christmas songs 2016

I mean I love music and I love Christmas, so this post was inevitably going to happen. Can you believe it's Christmas week already!? I thought I wasn't going to feel that ~christmas spirit~ this year, but I'm finally feeling excited and getting into the festive spirit! To celebrate, I'm sharing the Christmas songs I've been loving this December. I have a few classics I listen to every December, but there are always a few new and stand out songs! These are the ones I've been listening to this year, my soundtrack to Christmas 2016.

Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses + The Front Bottoms cover version 

This is a classic but I've also taken a particular liking to this this song - and by particular liking, I mean I've had this song on repeat all December. I also stumbled upon this amazing cover by The Front Bottoms (because let's be real, I am a little obsessed with this band) It's pretty sweet and the beat is so catchy and bouncy that I may or may not be using it as my current running soundtrack...

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard

This song just reminds me of childhood Christmas memories. It's not one I have on repeat but I like to give it a listen every once in a while for the warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling it gives me. It's one you hear in the shops whilst you're Christmas shopping and it just screams festive cheer. I mean, it's literally a song about loving Christmas and wanting to feel the Christmas magic everyday!! (very me)

Nothing for Christmas by New Found Glory

This is a relatively new edition to my collection of Christmas songs. I think I listened to it quite a lot last year as well, because it sounds vaguely reminiscent of Christmas 2015. The combination of pop punk and Christmas just speaks to my soul. The multiple vocals and harmonies in the chorus always get stuck in my head, and you can bet I've has this on repeat all month! Plus the bells in the background are very nice and pleasing to the ear!!

Sleigh Ride by fun. 

This is a lovely and fun. take on a classic Christmas song (see what I did there...) I discovered this song last year and it somehow combines upbeat Christmas cheer with mellow and easygoing vibes. Somehow it works and I could listen to this song forever. Plus I think Nate Ruess has a really lovely voice, it's so cheerful and perfect for Christmas songs!

Dodie + Lewis Watson - Baby It's Cold Outside

This is a very recent favourite, recent as in this video was literally uploaded on the 20th. It's so festive and magical and pretty damn amazing! I adore Dodie's voice and I'm always a sucker for female-male duets. At the end of the video they even have a little discussion about the creepiness of the lyrics, because let's face it, they are pretty creepy, but this cover is amazing! Plus Dodie is super cute as usual. 

Honourable Mentions: 30 Days by nevershoutnever and Blizzard of '89 by The Ready Set. I used to listen to these a lot as a teenager and they're bringing back all the Christmas feels!

What are your favourite Christmas songs!?

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