Monday, 12 December 2016

december wishes

December wishes sounds like such a magical and enchanting title but this is essentially a little list of the things I want to do in December. Consider them wishes I am going to grant myself this month!

- Be festive -

This is the first Christmas/December I've (ever!?) had free from the demands of education and those ever so close to Christmas deadlines! Christmas has always been my favourite time of year (lil' bit cliche but true) and I want to fully appreciate it this year. I want to join in the festivities, listen to the music, eat all the food, and decorate all the things! I'm also keen to take some nice festive photos for Christmas, and maybe even some cheeky instant photos on Christmas day!

- keep a gratitude jar - 

As I've got older I've reflected more  the meaning of Christmas. Christmas is so commercialised and it sometimes seem to have no real meaning, other than buying and spending, and oh some more spending. I want to spend this Christmas being grateful and celebrating all the good things in my life. I'd like to think I'm grateful all the time but I know I sometimes get caught up in bouts of negativity. Writing down one thing I'm grateful for every day for the entire month will surely channel the grateful and thankful Christmas spirit in me.

- make some decorations - 

Instead of buying a ton of new decorations, I want to recycle and reuse some of my old stuff (partially for the environment and partially because I am a poor graduate) and make some new decorations! Hopefully they will be sturdy enough to survive this Christmas and many future Christmases! I have a few ideas already and I've been sneakily perusing pinterest to get some extra and lets face it, better ideas.

- go to some Christmas markets - 

It seems like Christmas markets are everywhere but I've never been to one before and kinda feel like I'm missing out on something. All the festive photos and buzz has finally gotten to me, and as a fan of the 'Christmas aesthetic' it seems like a Christmas adventure I should definitely embark on. If you have any recommendations in London, feel free to let me know!

- go ice skating - 

So, I started watching Yuri!!! On Ice.... It's a sports anime about ice skating, and oh man it's adorable and addictive, and has a super cute relationship between two of the main characters. I'm a little obsessed with it, so naturally I want to learn to ice skate. Coincidentally (or not) it's ice skating season, and ice rinks are popping up everywhere, so what better time than now? It's both festive and in the spirit of Yuri!!! on Ice - two of my favourite things. I've never ice skated before so I'm expecting to fall over a ton but I'm attempting to transform into a never-give-up kinda person and will persevere though all my failings!

What are your plans for the month?
 Let's do all the things! 

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