Thursday, 12 January 2017

what's in my december gratitude jar!?

Feeling very inspired by Steph’s lovely posts on making a gratitude jar for December, I decided to make one of my own. Every day I wrote down something I felt grateful for, big or small, and put it into my little pot of gratitude. I find there is so much unnecessary stress thrust upon us, especially around Christmas time, that we sometimes take the things we have for granted. I know I often have this ‘the grass is greener on the other side mindset’ so it was very refreshing and grounding to sit down every day and appreciate all the wonderful things I do have.

The contents of my December Gratitude jar:

Gingerbread lattes

Internet access

Freedom of speech

Seeing the Front Bottoms live

Clean water & hot showers

Joanie by the Front Bottoms

The privilege of a University education


Disposable income, no matter how small

Creating things, embroidering words



Having my own space

Mince pies

Modern Baseball

Decorating christmas trees, it’s like a festive hug

Access to food and clean water v v easily

New running gear

Radiators on winter mornings

Banana pocky

Ginger by The Front Bottoms

Having a roof over my head

Feeling good after exercising


Christmas day with my family

Gift giving & the ability to give gifts


Tighten Up by The Front Bottoms

Sunsets outside my window

Songs that put your feelings into words

Cinnamon buns

I want to continue using a gratitude jar throughout 2017; the aim is to write something everyday but I'm not going to put pressure on myself, I want it to be authentic. I loved reading through all the things in this jar so it will be amazing to open an entire year of gratitude this December.

Have you ever tried a gratitude jar? or something similar? 

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