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Rosarioverse is a UK based lifestyle blog, contributing to the chaos, and crafting a space devoted to creativity, fitness, literature, video games, general nerdery, music, and everything in between.

Who is Rosario?

Hi! I'm Rosario! I'm a nerdy daydreamer with a lot of love for fitness, literature, music, and video games. Being creative makes me feel supremely alive and I enjoy cute things, winged eyeliner, and female protagonists. I like to think I'm punk af, in the sense that I'm always trying to learn new things, be inclusive, and embrace unconventionality. I'm always down for live music, museums, and discussing social issues. Someone once told me, if you can't find where you belong, create a space of your own - so that's what I'm doing.

I'm always bouncing from one idea to another but my future aspirations are either, 1) to become the queen of everything or 2) to conquer the universe - whichever happens first.

✨Recipe for Rosario✨
creativity + punk rock attitudes + intersectional feminism + fitness + unconventionality + honesty + diy culture + all things nerdy and cute + books and literature + video games + music + art +  a sprinkling of coffee + personal style for yourself + the internet + tortoises = Rosario

Feel free to get in touch, send a friend request, follow, start a conversation, or just to check in to see how things are!

or shoot me an email at rosarioverse@gmail.com

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