Wednesday, 16 March 2016

11/52 on resting bitch face

resting bitch face / chronic bitch face passport photos
Do you have a resting bitch face? Do you regularly hear these comments directed at you? 

Cheer up love, it might never happen!!!!
You look so serious/angry/upset/sad/-insert-negative-emotion-here- Are you okay!?!?!
Smile!!!!!! It doesn't hurt to smile!
It takes more muscles to smile than frown!

If so, you're not alone the struggle.

Growing up, I received all the variations of ‘you look miserable why you aren’t smiling!?’ you could possibly think up. I’d smile when confronted about the way my face looks, to appease the (usually male) spectator. I couldn’t understand why they would tell me to smile, I was always super confused and sure as heck didn’t realise I was supposed to wear a permanent smile whilst walking alone!

In case you've never heard of the term, resting bitch face is when your expressionless face (at ease, resting) is perceived as angry, annoyed, upset, or as the name states, bitchy. And when this is the case, people like to comment on it, like a lot.

After giving it some thought, I’ve realised when you receive the ‘cheer up’ comments, it’s literally because someone has decided that your face looks far too negative for their liking and chooses to make a comment about it. And my question is WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Why is your face anyone else’s business? Why is smiling and having a pleasing face only expected from women? Why do people feel the need to comment on the way our faces naturally look? Why do they feel the need to voice their opinion about our faces, to our faces!? It’s pretty rude when you think about it. Rude to the point where it becomes so bothersome and irks me to the point that I’m internally screaming things like;  




They DON’T expect you to walk around all day with a grin plastered on your face (because apparently that’s creepy – you can never win) they just want your face to be instantaneously pleasing to their eye, for their own benefit. They’re literally just negatively commenting on how your face NATURALLY looks – ultimately because women are supposed to look amiable, pleasant and pleasing to the male gaze. And that’s pretty messed up. How often do grouchy old men get the classic ‘cheer up love, it might never happen?’ quoted to them? I’m betting never.  Reactions to resting bitch face are so gendered and gross. Comments on your resting bitch face are so unnecessary and unwarranted. It’s your face; no one should have the audacity to tell you what to do with it.

In fact, I’ve grown to like my resting bitch face. It makes me feel fierce and powerful to own my face, and it’s super great at warding off unwanted interaction. Sometimes it becomes a double edged sword by unintentionally warding off wanted interaction, but I guess that's when a smile comes in handy.

I can understand that sometimes a resting bitch face comes across as intimidating, but I think we should all make the effort to swat away assumptions that someone is upset, worried, or bitchy, simply based on their facial expression. Because who knows what they’re thinking about? Their face may look blank but they might just be off daydreaming about food (as I often am!) Some people’s faces are just like that.   

In the end, your face belongs to no one but you. We should wear our resting bitch faces with pride. Given the prevalence of ‘cheer up’ comments, your bitch face is not what they want or like. So obviously you should embrace it - punk rock style.

Do you have a resting bitch face? What's up with that? What are your thoughts on resting bitch face? I'd love to hear them!

P.S. Of course this entire post was written with a perfectly emotionless face. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

musical women appreciation post

Happy international women’s day! What better way to celebrate than an appreciation post for my favourite female music artists.
musical women appreciation post

Music has always been a big part of my life, especially around the ages of 12/13 when I really started getting into music. And by getting into music, I mean becoming a fangirl, and generally listening to an artist’s entire album rather than just a few songs. I pretty much made the transition from being a casual fan to a freakin' hardcore fangirl.

But I never really listened to muisc made by women, it was all overwhelmingly created by men. I grew up listening to a lot of rock and alt music and always assumed I just preferred listening to guy’s voices, until it occurred to me that there are very very few female artists and bands in those scenes. Like ridiculously few. But whyyyyy?? Lack of exposure? A male dominated system fuelled by what seems to sell? Where are all the girls at!?!??!!!?

Coinciding with my increased social awareness, I've gradually been branching out and actively seeking female musicians and bands to listen to. Representation is super important, especially considering there are so few girls, especially in genres like pop punk (in which the audience and fans are predominantly female) succeeding in bands and making music their career.

I want to keep finding and supporting glorious girls and wonderful women in bands and music, and I hope everyone will try to do the same! Supporting women in music has become really important to me so I'm sharing my most inspirational and favourite women in music, old and new!

And just some bonus links to click!! -  I really recommend this podcast with Charlotte Church, which highlights the plethora of problems women face in the music industry, and one of my fav intersectional groups dealing with sexual harassment/assult at gigs! Go check them out!

Female Bands // Female Leads

Paramore // Hayley Williams 
Hayley Williams has been my alt inspiration since I was a young teen. Whilst the other members of the band are men, and many people are critical of only focusing on Hayley Williams, I'm okay emphasising her as a successful women in the rock industry! (in which women have historically been excluded) Musically and style wise, Hayley Williams inspires me to be my best possible self and really instilled me with the confidence to just wear whatever the heck I feel like wearing. Anklebiters and Last Hope are my go to songs, and obviously, everyone's favourite, Misery Business.  

X-Ray Spex 
X-Ray Spex are my favourite punk rock/new wave band from the late 70s. With lyrics like 'some people think little girls should be seen and not heard, but I think, OH BONDAGE, UP YOURS!' and 'do you see yourself, on the t.v. screen, do you see yourself in the magazine?' and also my personal favourite, 'I wanna be a frozen pea' They are so underrated but SO SO good oh man. A bunch of their songs are really feminist and anti-consumerist aka about two social issues I'm always talking about. My favs are Identity, Germ Free Adolescent, Warrior In Woolworth's, and Oh Bondage, Up Yours.

Bikini Kill 
The ultimate riot grrrl band from the 90s. Bikini Kill are all about female empowerment. They emphasised the girls to the front mentality at punk gigs and were queer friendly and super awesome and inspiring. Rebel Girl 100% makes me feel like a badass who can do literally anything. Revolution Girl Style Now! was recently reissued and you can bet it's on my wishlist. Also 'revolution girl style now!' is always a relevant phrase. It's my favourite strand of punk rock. My favs are Rebel Girl, White Boy, and Double Dare Ya.

Le Tigre
Their self titled album is hella amazing. It combines feminism and politics with electro beats and it's very very wow and amazing. Hot Topic is pretty much just a shout out to a bunch of feminist icons and What's Yr Take On Cassavetes explores the idea of separating art from artist and it's so good, I never knew music could express these things omg. Eau D'bedroom Dancing is so magical and chill and has a really nostalgic vibe. It makes me all emotional and I can't even express how much I love this album, just listen to it all the way though - it's a masterpiece to me. Eau D'bedroom Dancing (that title though) Deceptacon, The The Empty, and Les and Ray are my ultimate favs!

Female Artists 

Perhaps the first female music artist I fell in love with as a young teen. Her voice is super amazing. She incorporates a lot of electro beats and keyboards and her music is always magical and great. I can still remember the first time I heard February Air  and my mind was kind of blown. She's a fan of video games as well and has some amazing tattoos! Fav songs include, Face Up, Lions!, Siberia and Portal.

Marina and the Diamonds
I first heard Marina and the Diamonds agessss ago with her single Hollywood but never listened to her other songs until I somehow came across the album Electra Heart and my love for Marina just snowballed. It's hard to chose favs because her albums are so different from each other and always unique. I Am Not A Robot, The Outsider, Teen Idle, and Blue if I'm forced to chose my notable favs.

Melanie Martinez
Combines amazing music, aesthetics, and lyrics. She only has one album at the moment but it's a concept album and she has this cutesy aesthetic which is simultaneously adorable and subversive. Some of her songs deal with some difficult topics as well, which is always great. She once said in an interview that she writes her songs with a visual concept or music video idea in her head and it's definitely reflected in how creative her music videos are! Favs include Pity Party, Mad Hatter and Cake.

Oh lord, I love Lorde (sorry not sorry) Her lyrics are amazing and so quotable. Her voice is so unique and amazing. Everything about her is so refreshing. She's so young and inspirational and I love how she's not afraid to call out other artists/celebrities over twitter. My favs include, Ribs, Still Sane, Glory and Gore, The Love Club, Team, and Bravado. I'm too into Lorde to limit myself to three or four, Pure Heroine is addictive, just go listen to it and prepare to be blown away. 

When I listen to Halsey I so invincible and inspired, like I can do anything and fight the whole world. Her songs are lyrically amazing and empowering, ('don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man') and I just hella love Halsey. Also she's mixed race (and so am I) so mixed race pride! I love how candid Halsey is about her sexuality and mental health as well, it's super refreshing and they're such important topics to speak up about!! My favs include, Ghost, Color, Hurricane and Control.

Also shout outs to some individual songs by female ppl that are super feminist and/or remind me girls are amazing, girls rock, and girls can do anything; Bad Reputation by Joan Jett, Typical Girls by The Slits, Sugar Water by Cibo Matto, It's My Life by No Doubt, and Bad Girls by M.I.A.

Who are your favourite females in the music industry? Leave some recommendations! I want to support all the girls!! 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

10/52 thoughts // snippet thoughts

your success will not look like anyone else's hand drawn image

Sometimes thoughts come to me whole and with a clear progression. Other times they strike me in snippets. What I present before you today are the scatterings and snippets of thoughts from the past week.

On my endless love for collared shirts

I love the sleeveless ones because you can wear them under anything and they're so comfy!!
Extra layer = extra warm in winter.
That band t-shirt looks cute but add in a collar and boom, SUPER CUTE. 
They keep your neck all nice and cozy and warm. 
Makes you look super cute. They just do.
You can put pins on them or a necklace underneath and it looks ace.
10/10 would recommend to add a sprinkle of cute to your outfit 

On Privilege

Straight // White // Male privilege exits and I don't like it. I could go on for hours about these things but I don't feel like making myself angry right now so I'll just acknowledge my dislike and disgust at injustices, discrimination, and exploitation in the world. (kill it with fire and don't speak over minorities, especially if you are not affected by discrimination)

"Your success will not look like anyone else’s"

THIS IS THE QUOTE I'VE NEEDED TO HEAR MY ENTIRE LIFE. I came across it here and I can't stop thinking about it.

There is so much pressure to be a certain type of 'successful' but everyone's idea of success is different, so why do I feel so much pressure to succeed the way other people think I should? I'm guilty of getting caught up on how I experience nearly everything in life differently to everyone else. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, I'm unconventional. BUT IT'S OKAY to not experience or do the same things everyone else seems to be doing. There really is no singular definition of success because it's such a personal thing, no one's idea of success is exactly the same as yours. My idea of success at the moment is making little victories, doing new things every day, and working on things that future Rosario will thank me for. And that's cool enough for me right now. 

Writing quotes on paper is so much more satisfying than typing them

You are giving them real tangible life. They are freed from the cyber realm and become material. I can't believe it's taken me this long to realise just how satisfying  hand writing a good quote is. Unsurprisingly I've totally been filling up all my notebooks with posi quotes and cute little notes to self. I literally carry it everywhere so I can sprinkle some positivity on days when I'm feeling like a slug.

Feel free to share some random thoughts you've had recently! I love hearing snippets of other people's thoughts!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

february 2016 in review

February was so short, It's like we've been sucker punched and suddenly it's March!?

February has been a month of half finished books. 
I started reading around five books and have yet to finish a single one!?? Most were required reading and I will probably finish them at some point, but my relationship with reading has been a bit (understatement) rocky recently. So many books, so little time, am I right!?

I did however finish the short story 'The Destructors' by Graham Greene and really really liked it! It pretty much just follows a gang of youths in post-world war two Britain who decide to destroy a house. It sounds pointless but it packs in a bunch of comments on class and youth cultures. It focuses pretty entirely on young masculine working class culture, which something that usually doesn't interest me, but surprisingly I was super interested. Mostly because it contains a quote about one of my favourite ideas, destruction as a form of creation and the unbreakable bond between between destruction and creation. I literally love the creation/destruction idea so much that I've been using it to structure my monthly blog posts! (even before I read this book lol)

"Streaks of light came in through the closed shutters where they worked with the seriousness of creators - and destruction after all is a form of creation"

Music is the saviour of my soul when I'm submerged in university work, so shoutout to The 1975, Halsey, and Lorde for brightening up my February and keeping me company in stressful times!

An element of unproductivty. I've dramatically decreased the amount of time I spend mindlessly wandering through the internet and have been filling my mind with inspirational stuff and things. I aspired to write about how I've been destroying my dissertation(s) with fervour and enthusiasm but but that didn't quite happen... at all.

But March is the month of renewal and rebirth and trying again (my words of wisdom this year) and it's also my birthday month, so March shall no doubt be great and if it isn't, I will make it so! Pow! Motivational pep talk complete!

How was your February? Feel free to share all the random stuff and things going on in your life!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

9/52 // on changes (so I changed my blog name)

Change is my nemesis but also my friend

I madly avoid change. Change gets my heart pounding and makes my head dizzy. But I get crazily restless when I’m in the same routine for too long. Despite my deep-seated and ingrained dislike for change, that pounding heart and dizzy head can be exciting and is sometimes for the better. 

I don't want to force change upon myself because that never ever works (a whole other issue) but I want to recognise and learn not to immediately discard my thoughts that involve change. I'm a huge over thinker and perhaps that's where it comes from. I'll over think my plans or thoughts and immediately retreat when I realise they involve change. It’s not something I’m going to immediately unlearn, it will take time and there will be times when I’m tired or simply can’t be bothered but persistence and the power to try is all you really need. 

Now that I’ve adequately dissected my mind and attitudes towards change, let’s talk about this blog.

Name Change

The name City and Prophet came about through the process of smooshing the meanings of my first and last name together and hey presto, I had a blog name (also I was very inspired by City and Colour.) City and Prophet has had a good run, but it was a docile, sporadically active, and lethargic creature, emerging every once in a while to shout into the void.  I want my blog to evolve into version 2.0 (like a Pokemon) and I think a name change will really cement its upgrade.

Over the past few months I’ve been morphing my blog into something I have more freedom with. I want to post whatever I feel like posting, rather than boxing myself into a category. I’m a restless soul and picking a specific niche just doesn’t work for me. I just feels a bit restrictive and it’s not my style at all, almost as if I'm trying to force myself to be someone I'm not. I want to take away all my self-imposed rules and just be.

Inspired by one of my favourite bands 30 Seconds to Mars (especially the songs ‘Welcome to the Universe’ and ‘Capricorn,’) the cartoon Steven Universe, and the term ‘Buffy-Verse’ (meaning everything in the universe of my all-time favourite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I've taken a liking to Rosarioverse. It's imbued with and influenced by things I adore and I’d say that’s pretty cool. (Also, verse is a pretty great word that encapsulates both my love for music and literature!)

My blog is a just teeny tiny star in the galaxies of the blogosphere and even smaller in the internet universe. This name change really doesn’t have much impact but it means a lot to me. So to conclude this post,  I changed my blog name just to let you guys know!!!!!!